Normally, I stick to a routine in my makeup that consists of pink blushes and lipsticks, bronzer, brown eye shadows..etc.  After watching a bunch of makeup tutorials like Hollyannaeree, HRH Collection, and FrmHeadtoToe) I tried a bunch of new colors and makeup styles.  These didn’t look awesome all the time, but it was nice trying new things and getting to know my face shape/style better.  One of the looks that I’m still trying to master is the ever so “classic” look that I can put on and use for any and all occasions.  One that looks polished, incredibly gorgeous, and yet appropriate during the day and evening.  Here are some inspirational looks that I’m going to try out this week~ =D

3 comments on “Gorgeous, Classic Makeup for Weddings and Special Ocassions
  1. these looks are gorgeous! do you mind if I re-blog it?

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