Forever 21: Leatherette Belt w/ Pouch

I WANT THIS!!!  It’s only $8.80 at forever 21 and I love it.

I love how it’s very boho chic and could be worn anywhere~~ especially on a day out with friends or while traveling.  SO easy to wear, plus it’s useful!!  I imagine wearing this with a really long maxi dresses, sandals and a side braid =P

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag for summer this year!!

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Sewing Project: White Lace Dress

I just got a new sewing machine that I’m obsessed with!  I started to make smaller things and even began bigger projects on shirts, pillow cases and sashes.

Here’s my NEXT ideal/big project~~ A White Lace Dress!

I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of these, and every time I see one I always swoon~ hopefully it won’t be terribly hard…

thoughts?  advice?

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My New Color of the Season: RED

The new color I’m currently in LOVE with is red.  I love the fresh, loud and strong statement it makes.  When I was little, my mom was obsessed with this color~ which turned me off of it for about 20 years (literally).  But now…I’m starting to love it.  Lately, I’ve also been on a red lipstick kick…which has added to my new obsession.  No matter the season or style~ red always works. =)

My Red Lipstick Obsession…


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Jersey Shore Season 4: Italy Trip Halted in 11th Hour Decision

Production for the Italian edition of Jersey Shore has been delayed.  Season four of the record breaking MTV show was supposed to begin filming in Italy, but according to sources, a logistical issue has caused another delay.

Permits to film in certain places in Italy have been revoked, leaving producers scrambling in an attempt to figure out new locations.

This 11th hour debacle shouldn’t be all that surprising.  Mayor Matteo Renzi has voiced his displeasure at having the reality show celebs partying on his turf.  He even developed a list of rules for the cast and crew, which was published in the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

One interesting edict states that the film crew is banned from shooting footage of the “guidos” drinking in public places — which happens to be what they do most of the time.

The Jersey Shore cast members were all packed up and ready to go before being notified of the latest turn of events.  Pauly D and Vinny actually made it to the airport before being told the trip was off.

The cast planned to live in a luxurious townhouse during their European stay.  The JS production staff is working feverishly on the issues and they hope to get everything resolved within the next week.

In the meantime, the cast and crew are cooling their heels stateside.


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The Box Office Belongs To The Mighty Thor This Weekend!

OMG THOR was soooo good.  I saw it on Friday night with a group of friends and we all loved it.  I don’t personally love these big beefy guys~ but I am in love.  At the VERY END of all the credits, there was a preview for the sequel.  CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

From Perez:


Amazing!!! So incredible!!!

Chris Hemsworth is well on his way to becoming a household name as his new movie, Thor, just hammered the competition at the box office. The flick took in an impressive $25.5 million on Friday night and an equally impressive $24 million yesterday. Adding those together along with the midnight showing sales gives Thor an extraordinary $66M opening weekend!

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