Spring Wedding Gows and Quirky Bridesmaids Dresses

Lace Sheaths.  Not my style, but I know that many find this look to be classic and “old money”-ish.  All I know is that my Grandmother would approve…not me.


LACE LACE LACE!  I have this obsession with laced wedding dresses because of how instantly it adds to the richness of the wedding and your pictures.  The texture gives everything more dimension.


A simple dress with a dramatic twist.  Not loving this, but I can see girls wanting a different look.


Part of me wants to think this is ugly, but I don’t!  I love it.  It’s haute wedding couture, it’s fun, playful and utterly feminine.



Mermaid Dress.  Personally?  I would cut off the bottom half and keep it as a gorgeous reception or engagement party dress.  Love the sash with this choice of fabric and ruching.


This dress might look a little fugs on the runway, but when a normal girl tries it on~ it looks FABULOUS.  A real woman’s cureves are accentuated and the dress looks even MORE fab.  For Asian women who tend to have longer torso’s I would recommend breaking up the look with a white sash under the bustline.


Tulled Mermaid gown?  Not feeling it.  This baby didn’t even make it into production…


Not sure about the fabric tiers, but it was a playful twist~



The dramatic flair and instant black tie feel of long bridesmaids gowns is something I’ve wanted for my own wedding since I moved to LA.  I used to think cocktail gowns in pastel colors were the norm, but the glam of LA weddings has changed me.  Although it’s not always the best decision for spring/summer weddings, I do love how pictures turn out when the bridesmaids have gorogeous floor length gowns (preferably not in a pattern >.<).

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