Drew Barrymore

I SAW DREW BARRYMORE!!  My friends and I were brunching at BLD in Beverly Hills and she walked by us about 5 times!!  Although we didn’t stalk her or run up to her like crazed fans, we did watch intently~ in that creepy “pretending not to look, but I’m secretly staring” kind of way.

She was SOOO tiny in real life.  About 5″4 and 110lbs.  I don’t know WHY the media always portrays her as a size 6.  She was SOOO small.  The best part?  She was super friendly to staff, guests waiting and to everyone around her.  She didn’t demand a table or keep her sunglasses on inside the restaurant.  Drew was also dressed down very casually and looked unassuming.  It was my quick celeb stalking intuition that knew it was her.  LOL

I am not even MORE in love with Drew Barrymore!!


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Kate Spade Sample Sale

Don’t Miss Out!!There’s super cute stuff that you’ll want to sport this spring and summer <3

sample sale -up to 75% off

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Haute Wedding Photos

I love these!!  The brides look elegant, but with a bohemian twist.  I love the relaxed look in the bride’s hair~ which is a sharp contrast to their high fashion gowns.  The choice of scenary was well chosen, as it matches the soft and romantic hair.


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Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week 2010

These are my favorite pieces from Marc’s new line for Fall 2010!

This light, whispery dress is absolutely delicious.  The fabric and cut of this gown will look fabulous on every woman despite shape or size!  I can imagine myself wearing this to a wedding, a formal night out, a fancy play and to the Grammys when they nominate me.  *ahem*

I’m not normally a coat person, but this one is GORGEOUS.  I love the soft edges of the lapel, the length and narrow shoulders.  It’s a coat that’s casual for day, but still wearable for date night with your honey.

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Brangelina’s Twins: Knox and Vivienne

Aren’t they ADORABLE!!?!?!?!




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Kate Bosworth

unbelievably gorgeous right?  I love everything about this look~

sexy shoulders peaking out, the neutral color, fitted dress down to the knees, bold red shoes and lips to match, touseled & relaxed hair…

this look SCREAMS sexy, but at the same time…it’s very chic and and more on the conservative side.  You could wear this to an office holiday party, a first date, dinner with the in-laws, and out with the girls.  LOVE IT.

i’m not normally a kate fan, but in this case…her stylist did an AMAZING job!


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Current Obsession: Naughty Monkey ‘Flash Dash’ Sandal

Aren’t these babies GORGEOUS!?!?  Markel isn’t a fan, but I’m determined to get these bad boys for the summer~

Naughty Monkey 'Flash Dash' Sandal

Nordstroms, $69.95

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Today’s Purse Envy




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Gisele and Tom Brady’s Baby

You can’t quite tell who this little one looks like, but it’ll be interesting to see if he gets along with his big brother John AND who turns out to be better looking.

For those of you who don’t know, John is Tom Brady’s first son with actress Bridget Moynahan.  They dated for a few years and broke up.  HOWEVER, after the break up, Bridget found out she was preggers.  But did they get back together?  HELLS NAW.  Why?  Tom was already dating the Brazillian bombshell known as Gisele.  Fast forward a few years, T & G get married in Santa Monica and have a baby named Benjamin.

John is only 2 years old (I think), so you know the two will be buddies (right?)… but with two very gorgeous and VERY famous mothers…who will be better looking?  who will be hotter?  will they be models, actors or athletes?  These two baby boys CLEARLY have some great genes running through their veins, not to mention GINORMOUS trust funds waiting for them…  Very interesting…


Bridget Moynahan


Picture, Picture

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Bebe Throwback

For those of you who know my shopping patterns and guilty pleasures~ this next entry is no surprise.  For those who don’t?  Keep reading…

After I turned 21, I went through a crazy phase of brand name fashion.  hm…actually, more since I was 16.  I went through the typical American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch phase; delias with all their random trends; JCrew & Banana to look “older”; Victoria’s Secret Pink; Forever 21 for their cheap, trendy clothes; BCBG for Formals…and oh so many, many, MANYY more.  After I turned 21, I went through a “clubbing clothes” phase (like most girls) and Bebe was one of them.  And Ladies…I know I don’t really need to elaborate very much since ALL ya’ll went through this!  lol

At first, I wore sexy tops with jeans and 3 inch heels.  That soon turned into Sexy top and skirt (uhh, TERRIBLE idea) with 4 inch heels.  A small interlude of sexy tank with booty shorts… and Finally, I matured into the Sexy dress with what else?  5 inch high heels.  Much to Markel’s relief, I have donated 90% of those tops to other young women in the world who can continue on the tradition.  Unfortunately for him?  I still kept the “dresses” that are probably tunics/long shirts.  *shrug *  Gotta look good right?

Here’s my throwback to some of Bebe’s clothes that are “21 year old at the club” appropriate.

The Sexy Top

The shorts, romper, skirt
The Sexy, skin tight dress

The Insanely High Heels

The Clutch
Now that I’m way over 21, I can definitely say that I can’t last in the 5 inch heels, short SHORT outfits and spanx appropraite xxs dresses.  My metabolism is slowing, my knees are getting weaker and Markel makes it his mission to pull down my dress from ass coverage to just super short.  LOL.
Good-bye youth, good-bye clubbing 4x a week, good-bye spanx!!
RIP Bebe…we had some great times <3
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Birthday Bonanza Outfits

This weekend is the biggest birthday bonanza LA will ever have seen.  Soju and Changzilla are having a joint bash that will last three days~

Friday: the warm up at a swanky santa monica lounge

Saturday: Classy 3-course dinner, then exclusive Hollywood Club

Sunday: Superbowl Sunday and hangover recovery central

More than a 100 people received the precious and exclusive evite to this event and I feel like I’m going to a super formal red carpet event.  Everyone is exchanging dresses, people are warning others in advance what they’ll be wearing so no one will steal the color, and me?  I have absolutely no clue what I’m wearing.  Sad right?  I haven’t even thought about it because work has been so crazy.

So for now…here are some dream choices if I had a sugar daddy~

Diane von Furstenberg Carmona one-shoulder dressMarchesa Asymmetric silk and wool-blend dressHervé Léger Crystal-embellished bandage dressFendi Stretch-wool bustier jumpsuit

Diane Von Furstenberg $550, Marchesa $2,610, Herve Leder $3950, Fendi $1,035

These next bunch are what I can realistically afford…

Opera Box DressWis-tier-ia Wonder DressTake Me to Dinner Dress
In truth tho…I will most likely end up wearing a dress I already have in order to remain a RECESSIONISTA in this struggling economy.  *sigh *
BUT Just like how 100 other people are excited and nervous with anticipation…this will truly be the BEST weekend ever!  My goal?  Don’t throw up, be DD one night, and do NOT eat fatty junk food at the end of the night.  lol
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Gilt Groupe: Rock & Republic Shoe Sample Sale

Super cute right?  They have tons more~~ but these were my favs <3  Hurry and check it out before they all seLL OUT!


MARINA Wedge SandalANDI Platform SandalATHENA Platform Sandal


Nika Studded PumpIZABEL  BOOTIERebecca Peep Toe Pump

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Bebe Quilted Heart Crossbody Bag

I AM IN LOVE!  This bag is ADORABLE~~~This a part of Bebe’s new spring collection and I am already OBSESSED with these cute things!  I love the feminine shape and the play off of a Chanel Classic Bag.  I personally love the black one, but each purse definitely has it’s own charm and appeal <3

Product Image
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Shoe Porn

It’s ok ladies…you can *drool *  These babies are JUST THAT HOT.

Brian Atwood Wagner rivet suede pumps

Brian Atwood $1,485

Valentino Rosette metallic peep-toe pumps

Valentino $770

Alexander McQueen Geometric leather pumps

Alexander McQueen $810

Miu Miu Forma cutout sandals

Miu Miu $755

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

That day is coming up… the day that single ladies dread; the day that men hate b/c it requires extra creativity & romance; the day that department stores flourish and hallmark sales hit the roof; and the day that all women who are dating secretly wait in anticipation for what their men will do.  In short…most people end up disappointed or bitter.  LOL  ahh can you sense the love?

Anyway, for me~ rather than chocolates and flowers~ I always want food.  Doesn’t have to be somewhere fancy, it just has to be belly-rubbing-GOOD.  LOL  Normally Markel will cook a super fancy, gourmet meal; bring champagne & chocolate covered strawberries; and let me pick any chick flick my heart could possibly desire.  <3  the perrrfect night right?  Well this year…we’re going to a restaurant! I’m basically excited cause then I get to dress up.  LOL

Here are some of my dress-envies…

Aminaka Wilmont Silk draped mini dressCamilla and Marc Cutout mini dressDiane von Furstenberg Pivette ruffled crepe dressMatthew Williamson Corseted metallic-weave dressDiane von Furstenberg Josun strapless mini dressMarkus Lupfer Ophelia mini dress

From Net-a-porter

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Current Obsession: Elizabeth & James Tokyo Sequined Top

When I first found out the the Olsen Twins were going to come out with their own high-end clothing line…I scoffed.  Were they even QUALIFIED?  But now…I’m definitely eating my own words because I LOVE this top.  I love that it’s loose and flowy, but the sequins make it edgier and the low cut front adds a sexy touch.  Personally, I would wear this with a tank top underneath…but like the model…to each her own?  LOL  I’m also loving the outfit below with the shoes, skinny black jeans, and clutch.  GORGEOUS!

large product image

Elizabeth and James Tokyo sequined topElizabeth and James Tokyo sequined top

Elizabeth & James, Tokyo Sequined Top


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