My Halloween Costumes

Disco Skater

Football Player with a few alterations…

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Badgley Mischka

Spring 2010

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Stella McCartney designs for Gap Kids

Stella McCartney’s Adorable GapKids Collection Is Quite High-Fashion

from The Cut

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Stella found these kid models on Facebook.Stella found these kid models on Facebook.Photo: Courtesy of Gap

The kids’ collection Stella McCartney designed for Gap hits stores November 2. Sizes are for newborns up to 12-year-olds and prices range from $14 for wool tights up to $128 for a military jacket. Some pieces are cheap, miniature versions of McCartney’s ready-to-wear pieces, such as a gray sweater dress with a leopard on it, skinny gray jeans with ankle zippers, and a gray cable-knit cardigan dress. And that military jacket is very spring 2009 Balmain. So this is a very fashion-forward collection, indeed. While most of it is wearable, are little boys who have no interest in playing marching band really going to wear that military jacket, “sewn with intricate gold brocade,” on the playground? Skinny adults are likely to try to fit into the largest sizes. Also, Ryan McGinley shot the ad campaign. He’s perhaps most famous for his adult nudes.

McCartney Designs Children’s Wear for Gap [WWD]

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JCrew does it Right

Normally J Crew’s clothing doesn’t appeal to me.  It’s conservative and a little too mature.  I feel out of place when i see Khakis on end in every color variation next to button shirts in pale rainbow colors hanging perfectly along the length of the store. The massive collection of cardigans in every length and color also freak me out.   BUT their spring 2010 collection looks AMAZING.  Tons of light fabrics, romatic ruffles, soft colors.  It’s gorgeous.  Take a look a their website:

Here’s what The Cut had to say:

In Praise of J.Crew’s Spring Presentation

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In Praise of J.Crew’s Spring Presentation

J.Crew’s youthful spring 2010 collection, which showed on Wednesday night at the company’s offices, was a breath of fresh air. Models lounged and chatted on a wood-planked stage in a mix of perfectly styled outfits, rosy cheeks, and slightly messy updos. Fatigue army jackets toughened up floaty chiffon tops and sparkly sequin miniskirts, while hints of neon added color to a mostly neutral palette. The accessories won our hearts as well, from sparkly, feminine jewelry to boyish, flat leather Oxfords and suede desert boots. The easy, pretty looks, despite endless layering, showed lots of leg, keeping in line with the season’s short lengths. Another reason to look forward to 2010.

From The Cut

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my current obsessions: Jackets!

From Net-A-Porter

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayley houndstooth jacketEmanuel Ungaro Distressed leather biker jacketDoma Asymmetric-front leather jacket

Rick Owens Blister leather biker jacketHaute Hippie Maribou feather vestBalmain Cotton-blend tuxedo jacket

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Fashion for under $100

Click to Buy:
Black V-Neck Tee $4.50
Red Skirt $48.00
Black Flats $9.99
Tan Belt $15.00
Tan Handbag $15.00
Sunglasses $5.80

Purple Cardigan $18.00
Printed Tank $7.99
Jeans $15.00
Belt $9.80
Sandals $19.99
Aviator Sunglasses $26.00

Grey Cardigan $14.99
White Tee $6.99
White Eyelet Skirt $7.99
Gladiator Sandals $21.97
Burgundy Handbag $32.90
Turquoise Bead Necklace $5.80
Sunglasses $5.80

White Blazer $36.00
Black Tee $4.50
Skinny Black Jeans $15.00
Tan Peep Toe Pumps $24.99
Gold Bracelet $6.80
Sunglasses $12.00

Brown Blazer $24.99
White Shirt $9.99
Skirt $14.80
Grey Ankle Boots $15.80
Handbag $24.99
Sunglasses $5.99

Lace Top $22.99
Black Leather Skirt $19.80
Taupe Pumps $29.00
Ivory Clutch $11.98
Black and Gold Earrings $5.80
Gold Bangles $4.80


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Nicole Richie’s New Line: Winter Kate

Nicole Richie is launching a women’s and children’s contemporary line named Winter Kate this spring.

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Olsen Twins new JC Penny Line

Slated for Spring 2010, their new line will most likely be a low cost version of their high fashion line: Row or Elizabeth & James.//

The Olsens Are Doing a Juniors’ Collection for JCPenney
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Tom Ford launching womenswear

This man always looks so ready.No dates or details have been set.  Ford is still searching for financier’s, but the line is definitely coming out.

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Donatella Versace Hates Plus Size Women

Donatella Versace Doesn’t Want to Design Plus-Size Clothes //

Donatella Versace Doesn’t Want to Design Plus-Size Clothes

Donatella Versace answered reader questions on Darling Daphne in Chicago wants to know why high-fashion designers don’t embrace plus-size gals like her.

Why do designers typically refuse to design for sizes above 10? This question is not meant to be confrontational; I’ve just always wondered about this. Is it simply a prejudice? Wouldn’t it be a good business decision? I can understand not wanting to start a stand-alone plus-size line, but what about extending sizes to 14/16? We have money, too! —Daphne L. Scott, Chicago

We do offer larger sizes at Versace, but I take your point. I certainly wouldn’t want to do a plus-size line, as I have no problem with women of any size wearing my clothes. I guess some styles lend themselves to being scaled up, while some others just don’t work. Sometimes it can depend on the specific piece.

So she doesn’t want to make larger dresses, but if larger women want to buy her clothes she will gladly take their money. In a genuinely shocking revelation, when asked who she would work for if not Versace she replied, “What if we made very sexy and glamorous Gap? That would be a fun challenge.” Hopefully Patrick Robinson will keep her away. The Gap may have its own set of problems, but making the jeans tighter, possibly studded, is not the solution.

From The Cut

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Seoul Meets Hollywood


Say what?

Lee Byung-hun and Josh Hartnett grace the cover for the November 2009 issue of Vogue Korea. And it’s all because, Josh was in Korea for the Pusan International Film Festival and Lee Byung-hun is in a Hollywood film (his second after action flick, G.I. Joe (2009)).

Lee Byung-hun and Josh Hartnett star in the film, “I Come with the Rain,” directed by Tran Ahn Hung.


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Plus Size Models Damage Self-Esteem

From The Cut

Nonplussed: Study Says Even Full-Figured Models Damage Self-Esteem


Big girls not a big help.

Damned if you do … According to a new study conducted by a team of researchers from the U.S., Germany, and the Netherlands and published in the Journal of Consumer Research, magazine photos of models, be they magically emaciated or plus-size, make overweight women feel worse about their bodies and, conversely, “underweight” women feel better about themselves. So unfair, right? A serious blow to the growing interest in “plus-size” or “full-figure” spreads, the study suggests that redefining standards of shape across the editorial and commercial side of print fashion won’t be some sort of panacea for the already fragmented self-esteem of women who fall outside of our modern understanding of beauty. “Overweight women’s self-esteem always decreases, regardless of the model they look at,” says the study, implying that it’s not the particular image someone looks at that’s damaging, but rather the presentation of beauty, in any form, that troubles many readers. Anna North over at Jezebel breaks it down for us: “The fact is, images whose purpose is to sell women shit — whether those images look more or less like them — are probably never going to be on the forefront of social change. Including plus-size women in ads and fashion spreads is an important step not just for social good, but for aesthetic value — magazines would be more interesting if they contained a greater diversity of models.” The takeaway? Crystal Renn and all the size 12 sweethearts in the world aren’t going to make you feel any better if you don’t already maintain a healthy distance between the fun and fantasy of fashion imagery and the real, live girl you see in the mirror.

Women’s Self-Esteem Affected By Magazines [UPI]

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Leather Jackets

ok PETA…don’t hate me…

But I’ve been wanting a leather jacket for about 4 months now.  The problem?  I have commitment issues.  Genuine Leather Jackets retail from $200-$1200 or even more depending on the designer.   Plus, there are a variety of styles and colors that make the decision ten times more difficult.  The commitment to buy one jacket at such a high price is more than I can bare.  Each jacket has its own “story” and collection of outfits it works best with.  Yes you can buy a universal jacket that looks great with everything, but then you’re missing out on having that unique look to perfectly pull together the “look”.

For now…the decision is too difficult and mentally draining…so instead, I’m going to post some that I love.  A fashion band-aid of sorts…

Alexander Wang Ottoman Sleeve Leather Motorcycle JacketTruth & Pride 'Ryley' Leather Jacket

William Rast Leather Biker JacketIllia Classic Leather Jacket

Joie Ailey Leather Moto JacketAlice + Olivia Gusset Leather Jacket

Dacute Kiodo Vipera leather jacket

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my current obsessions


large product image

I love the bright fuchsia, off the shoulder dress with boots *drool *

Halston Off-the-shoulder jersey dress

simply gorgeous…

large product image


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Sequins, Shimmer and Shine~ oh my!

Usually I opt to wear sequins or shimmery outfits in vegas, new years eve or for my birthday.  However, this fall, this trend is coming out full force.  More cautious and conservative lines use it as a trim to plain clothes, while others use it as the main color and fabric.  Personally, I think the louder the better.

Out of all my friends, I like loud colors and pieces that say “look at me!!” and with this fall seasons trends of neon, sequins, shimmer, shine, studs, fur and florals…Heaven doesn’t even describe the giddiness I feel when I walk into a store.  These are my favs from

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

large product imagelarge product imagelarge product image

Paul & Joe Wiviana sequined mini dressMarchesa Sequined strapless dress

Rachel Gilbert Lyla sequined silk gownHervé Léger Scoop-neck bandage dress

DKNY Silk and jersey sequined dress Diane von Furstenberg Persal embellished velvet dress

I dedicate this entry to Joyce Chang who is the greatest lover of sequins I know.

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I <3 White

I love this crisp, clean color.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter~ this one color is timeless and can be carried over every season in a variety of fabrics and designs.  White is also a color that looks great on anyone and everyone.

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Gossip Girl Fashion

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The past few years, scarves have become one of the must have accessories.  Worn year round, scarves come in all shapes, fabrics, colors, patterns and in every price range imaginable.  Added to a plain outfit, these little babies instantly brighten and pull your look together for an bohemian chic.   Scarves can be worn adorned around your neck and waist or used as a headband or hair tie.

Often time woman have to choose “fashion” over “function”.  But I think it’s safe to say that this scarf blends fashion and functionality.

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I love Stella McCartney

Her designs are flirty, feminine, elegant and youthful.  I love her bright colors and soft lines.  Here’s her fall 2010 line:

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Expensive Leggings??

From The Cut

Leggings Have Gotten Ridiculously Expensive

from The Cut by Amy Odell

From left, leggings by Robert Rodriguez ($198), Mara Hoffman ($286), Nuit ($850), and Alexander Wang ($1,175).

The pants of the season are leggings (we only consider them half-pants, but these days when it comes to bottoms, we’ll take what we can get). Designers are churning out all sorts of styles, from sheer to patterned to embellished to suede. Leggings are doing things they’ve never done before! If their diamante patterns don’t alert you to how special they are, their prices sure will. The price tags on leggings at Shopbop have blogger Cheap JAP in a tizzy. The mesh variety pictured here, by Robert Rodriguez, are $198. Cheap JAP:

Were one million spiders required to weave them? Had they too graced the legs of a socialite? No and no; apparently, two-hundred dollars is the going rate for designer-sanctioned mesh these days.

Patterned opaque leggings by Mara Hoffman cost even more, at $286. An even-sillier sequined pair by LaRok — called I Am a Rockstar Leggings — are $348 and sure to draw light to your every bulge!

But the truly must-have leggings of the season are leather, perhaps suede. A leather pair with mesh insets that have the potential to be very slutty, by Nuit, cost $850. Alexander Wang’s (refreshingly opaque by comparison) Stretch Suede Combo Leggings cost $1,175. The prices on the leather pairs — excluding the sheer-paneled pair — don’t seem completely absurd to us. After all, they’re leather, right? We have seriously considered paying retail for a leather pair because they go with everything, should keep you reasonably warm, look cool, and are as close to pants as leggings come. Stare at fashion on the Internet all day every day and, eventually, paying four figures for all those things along with the designer label seems reasonable. This is why we are grateful for bloggers like Cheap JAP who bring us back down to earth when our mother isn’t around to ask us if we’re crazy. If we want leather leggings or mesh leggings or leggings with weird insets and cutouts and bedazzling, we may as well go to a sex shop, where they are cheap and we can get affordable thigh-high boots to go with them. And if we are high enough on fashion one day to think tight sequined pants are going to do us favors, we will try to remember to go to Forever 21, where they should cost $15 and fall apart at the same rate they go out of style.

The High Cost of Comfort: Shopbop’s Leggings Selection [Cheap JAP]

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