In light of the recession, most blonde women have been dying their hair less, going a few shades darker or just going back to their natural roots.  Highlighting or dyeing hair in a salon every 4-6 weeks has become an uncessary splurge for many.  Magazines and Beauty Blogs have currently made up a new term called “Bronde,” which is a hybrid of Blonde and Brown.  Here are some celebs who were Blonde and are now embracing the “Bronde”.

Mischa Barton
Gisele Bundchen

Jennifer Aniston

source, source, source,source

So recently I’ve been obsessed with this color for myself.  Of course I realize it’s fall and I SHOULD be dying my hair darker~ but after dyeing it black and blue-black for so long…i’m ready for a change!  The next time you see me~ i’ll have BRONDE hair =)

One comment on “Brown, Golden Brown, Bronde…huh?
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