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    Palm Sunday Activities for Kids

    As we’re all quarantined at home, I was thinking about the best way to teach my girls about Palm Sunday. I found a few youtube children’s videos that are a fun way to explain the spcieal story, and a few crafts to reinforce the story on pinterest. Just in case you’re interested in doing the same, here are some resources I found! xo Happy Palm Sunday Friends! YouTube Video Suggestions: Here are a few fun crafts to help reinforce Palm Sunday and what is to come this week: Hosana Wave Branchers Palm Sunday Word Search Palm Sunday Coloring Pages Holy Week Timeline

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    Safer at Home Quarantine

    Is anyone else going completely nutso during this “safer at home” order? I am normally a home body, I LOVE my family, and I have always wanted to work from home full-time. What is NOT to love right now, right? WRONG. Turns out…I need AMPLE amounts of alone time. I didn’t realize it but I do. I need time to listen to podcast, be grumpy in the car from lack of sleep/long day, I need time to THINK, and…overall…I need time to zone the fuck out if I want to. But being home in a small two bed/two bath just does not allow for it. AND I normally enjoy doing…

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    100 Days Celebration

    Last August we celebrated Dylan’s 100-days. I could not believe time had flown by so quickly. The first two months were a total blur b/c I wasn’t sleeping. The third month I felt like I was finally getting the hang of a newborn again. By the time Dylan’s 100-days came around I just was just starting to feel human. For Charlotte I was intent on making everything from scratch and making it as traditional as possible. For Dylan, I literally threw money at the party/event and hoped I could get one photo that made me look skinny (we did not). Looking back now, I can’t even believe I put this…

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    Hello Kitty Theme Baby Shower

    This last weekend my friends and I threw my bestie the most adorable baby shower. Every details was so thoughtfully planned by her friends that when it all came together~ it really reflected the group and the parents-to-be. For my part, I stressed HARRRRD. Like obsessively googled and pinterest-ed and had some mini craft meltdowns. LOLL I have no idea why I do this to myself, but I LOVE to planning a party and all the insane stress that goes with it. doh. Here are photos and details from the beautiful shower below.

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    Free Museum Day in Los Angeles!

    Um… how amazing is this??? FREE museum day is here and there are over 40 in Los Angeles that you and your friends/family can go to! For our family, we will be hitting up kid friendly ones like Kidspace, Skirball, La Brea Tar Pits, Cayton Children’s Museum, etc. For a list of the museums, check out these links below! LA Times: Free Museum Day is Back https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2020-01-24/free-museum-day-southern-california?_amp=true SoCal Museums: Museums Annual Free For All Day Annual Free-for-All Day

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    2020 Good Wishes and Goals

    i know there are a ton of people who hate to set goals and resolutions for the new year, but i love it. i love the reset feeling of starting fresh AND i love setting intentions up for the year in hopes of achieving them. like have a focus or theme for the upcoming year. in Hawaii i had some downtime to finally THINK about our family, where we spend our time and what i hope for us this upcoming year. my goals and intentions for our family are to… –let go of our things and simplify our lives. aka have way less to clean and fuss over. after living…

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    Holiday Recap

    Oh my goodness. Life is just flying by these days. The holidays were pretty amazing as a family of four and I tried to really be present for all the new “firsts” we all experienced. This year I bought a small tree with princess ornaments for the girls’ room. I loved the idea that they could have a tree in their room, they could decorate it each year, and it would be something special for just the two of them to share. We continued our family tradition of Hawaii for winter break. I loved every second we were able to spend as a family. I feel like we’re ALWAYS rushing…

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    The Switch Witch

    This is a brand new concept for me! I just found out that there is something called a “switch witch” and she comes after Halloween to trade candy for toys. So you put your bag of candy out before bed and when you wake up in the morning the “switch witch” comes replaces it with a toy! Such a cool and fun way to encourage your littles to give up the sweets willingly and not get shafted. My sugar loving husband was def on board with this one! Here is what the “switch witch” brought Charlotte. She did not miss a single piece of candy while playing with these two…

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    Halloween Gift Bag/Party Favor Ideas for School

    Every year Mike rolls his eyes when I prepare these because he thinks it’s so ridiculous that I make these. LOL BUTTTT I can confidently say that I make these more for myself and my love of the holiday than for infants/toddlers who can’t remember anything. This year, as a new mom of two…I am TIRED. The thought of buying like 5 things and putting gift bags together seemed too daunting. So when I was at Michael’s, I saw that there was a 50% off sale on all Halloween items and found these super cute crafts for $1.50 each! AKAAAAA 75 Cents each after the discount! I printed out one…

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    Best Pumpkin Patches for Kids in Los Angeles and Orange County

    Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays every since I had kids. I love baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, carving pumpkins, wearing 1 million costumes AND going to pumpkin patches! There are so many good ones in LA but these are the best five that are easy to go to, great for kids, and are very INSTAGRAM worthy. *Note that all of the pumpkin patches require money. You’ll need money for rides, face painting, food trucks, etc. Some places will have ATMS and stuff, but it’s just so much easier if you bring cash. Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City: MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ONE. It’s located…