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    The Switch Witch

    This is a brand new concept for me! I just found out that there is something called a “switch witch” and she comes after Halloween to trade candy for toys. So you put your bag of candy out before bed and when you wake up in the morning the “switch witch” comes replaces it with a toy! Such a cool and fun way to encourage your littles to give up the sweets willingly and not get shafted. My sugar loving husband was def on board with this one! Here is what the “switch witch” brought Charlotte. She did not miss a single piece of candy while playing with these two…

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    Halloween Gift Bag/Party Favor Ideas for School

    Every year Mike rolls his eyes when I prepare these because he thinks it’s so ridiculous that I make these. LOL BUTTTT I can confidently say that I make these more for myself and my love of the holiday than for infants/toddlers who can’t remember anything. This year, as a new mom of two…I am TIRED. The thought of buying like 5 things and putting gift bags together seemed too daunting. So when I was at Michael’s, I saw that there was a 50% off sale on all Halloween items and found these super cute crafts for $1.50 each! AKAAAAA 75 Cents each after the discount! I printed out one…

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    Best Pumpkin Patches for Kids in Los Angeles and Orange County

    Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays every since I had kids. I love baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, carving pumpkins, wearing 1 million costumes AND going to pumpkin patches! There are so many good ones in LA but these are the best five that are easy to go to, great for kids, and are very INSTAGRAM worthy. *Note that all of the pumpkin patches require money. You’ll need money for rides, face painting, food trucks, etc. Some places will have ATMS and stuff, but it’s just so much easier if you bring cash. Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City: MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ONE. It’s located…

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    Rainbow baby with the Rainbow Eyes

    It has been embarassingly MONTHS since my last post.  Between morning sickness, the early (surprise) birth of our baby, and just the newborn/maternity phase of my life…this blog has been on hiatus. My little one (Dylan) has just turned 4 months and I am seriously JUST starting to feel like a person.  I have no idea how other moms of multiples do it…but this ish is SO HARD.  I love my babies but I’m dying for some extra hands (and boobs) to help during night feedings or a four year old toddler who loves sleeping 12 hours a night in her own bed.  LOL  sigh.  But since that isn’t our…

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    Rainbow After the Rain

    cheezy title huh? but it’s true. after almost two years of trying and some sad bumps in the road… i am finally pregnant with our rainbow baby. 🙂 it took chlomid, ovidrel, progesterone, thyroid medication, baby aspirin, prenatals and folgard to make this dream come true. i’m 7.5 months and i have about 9 weeks left to go. insane. the first 6 months i literally could not stop throwing up or feeling sick. then there were two weeks in february where i had 100% energy and felt on top of the world… and now i’m so sleepy i can’t stay up past 10pm. sigh. all in all though, i’m in…

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    Indian Wedding

    C and I went to our first Indian Wedding this month and it was AMAAAZING.  I have always wanted to be invited to such a beautiful and festive event like this and well… this wedding did NOT disappoint.  Here are some fun pictures from the weekend. oh man, i have ALWAYSSSS wanted to get henna done on my hands.  c was absolutely BEAMING after she got hers done. friends dance to the bride and groom.  there were SOOO many cool dances and performances.   the groom’s entrance.  this was the first one i’ve ever seen and it was FUNNNN.  there’s a huge celebration welcoming the groom and leading him to the…

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    oh Lord…we are in the thick of the threenager years and it is HARD.  i’m not sure if it’s b/c she’s our first, so just parenting a child is the hard part.  ORRR if our child is really THAT much harder. c is VERY strong-willed and stubborn (go that from me) and there are some things that she just won’t back down on.  i understand her reasoning and WHHYYY she wants it, but the bigger problem is that she’s not listening to what mike and i are saying.  like her will to do something HER WAY and in HER TIME is stronger than any time-out, spanking, scolding, lecture, taking toys…

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    September Round-Up

    this month went by SO RIDICULOUSLY fast.  work was so busy (prepping for the school year) and i didn’t take as many pictures as i probably should have… But here are some fun moments from September. LUCY’S 5th Birthday!!!!  I can’t even believe that much time has passed since we adopted our little baby love.  c’s slowly getting better at ballet~ it’s been awesome seeing her grow and learn new skills. <3 we showed this mama below (in orange) with a dessert shower for her baby boyyyyy.  so so excited. c’s violin and taekwondo lessons are going strong.  they are sooooooo cute and i love that she’s growing and learning…

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    Halloween Costume Ideas

    Halloween is one of my faaaaavorite holidays and having a little one has really multiplied my love for it.  This will be C’s 4th halloween holiday, but like her 20th-24th costume photo opt because… well i’m her mom.  lol. here are some fun ideas of what we’ve done in the past.  i’m not sure what we’ll do this upcoming year, but i know that for trick or treating c is going to be ariel.  before then, i hope our family can dress up as something cute like robbers, some cartoon family, etc.  

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    The Perfect Clutch

    i have no idea why…but i’m super into the idea of clutches.  maybe it’s the royal influence (kate + meghan) but i think it’s the perfect finish to an evening outfit.  i’m going to a few weddings this fall and i got a really plain (but nice) navy blue dress (below) from Gal Meets Glam at Nordstroms.  The dress checked off all of my boxes: sleeves, vneck, fit and flare, length.  Just super flattering for my body.  Anyway… since the dress is so plain, I’ve been really interested in getting 1-3 clutches so really jazz it up (do ppl even say that anymore? jazzzz?) Here are my favorites from shopbop! …